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Dove releases within 50 miles of Cincinnati 

When you think of traits like innocence, gentleness, and peace, or the essence of the Holy Spirit, nothing embodies these qualities like a pure, snow-white dove spreading its wings against a brilliant blue sky. When you want to mark any special occasion or important milestone with the unmistakable symbolism of a dove release, call none other than A Sign Of Peace White Dove Releases within 50 miles of Cincinnati, OH. For over 15 years, we've coordinated dove releases for weddings, funerals, graduations and more.

Our white doves are hand-raised to be healthy, comfortable with humans, and trained to return to their home base after your ceremony. Make your next occasion truly unforgettable, with the help of A Sign Of Peace White Dove Releases. Call our office for a quote, and get ready for your special moment to take flight! 
A Sign of Peace White Dove Releases is proud to service any occasion occurring within 50 miles of Cincinnati, OH. Call to learn more.

From one to a score

Wedding doves sitting in a cage
At A Sign Of Peace White Dove Releases, we can enhance your special occasion with the release of a single dove, or a flock of 25 or more birds that will encircle the area where your ceremony is being held for an unforgettable photo op. Call today for rates and availability!

Making an entrance 

Couple enjoying with birds
A Sign Of Peace White Dove Releases has built a name for itself by providing exceptional service. Your doves will arrive prior to your occasion in beautifully-decorated display cages, so your guests can admire their beauty before the big release. Their flight will live in your memories forever. 

Get your wings 

Birds are flying
If you want your wedding, funeral or other special occasion to transcend boundaries and expectations, we can truly take things to a higher place! Call, e-mail, or visit our office at 559 Stevenson Road in Erlanger, KY for a quote and to arrange your dove release.
Book early for June weddings. Call today!
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